The Bath Tub Principle

In 1985 Bouton read his first book in German. It was an autobiography from the model, singer, painter Amanda Lear called  “ My Life with Dali ”.  It dealt with the 15 years where the two spent a lot of time together.  In one of the chapters Lear tells a story about the day where Dali´s agent reminds him that in two days he had to deliver a dozen water colour paintings with the theme horses that would then be used for lithographs, and that he was contractually committed.

First on the day that they were to be picked up, announces Dali that he was now going to use the “ Bath Tub Principle! “.  This technique is that the water colour is directly put onto the paper and then held under the flowing water.  By turning or stopping one can create worlds of different effects.  In 15 minutes were the 12 paintings finished!  They only had to dry after which he “ dalinisiert “ them with ink, etc.

This procedure fascinated Bouton who used it to paint entire series of flowers, dancers, even the “ Stations of the Cross “.

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